Quick Change Sleeve Systems

Quick Change Sleeve Systems

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Our Quick Change Sleeve Systems are ideal for replacing the conventional rollers in different industries. These products are carefully designed and developed and customers can get various benefits by using our products including money saving.

Our range is highly applicable in various types of applications like solvent less/solvent base lamination gravure printing (impression sleeve), adhesive coating, flexo graphic printing (steno sleeve), ESA printing (electro statically assisted). So, our products are not just of high quality rather also versatile in nature.

Working with these systems is very time effective, cost effective and part from this quality effective with high performance. The weight of the sleeves is very low that saves the transport cost and make it comfortable.

In order to fulfil the customers various requirements, we offer the products in different specifications as per their demands.

Standard Specifications:

  • Mother mandrel
  • FRP sleeve 1.5 to 2 mm thick
  • Suitable rubber coating 3 to 25 mm thick
  • Steel mandrel for grinding the sleeve


  • Inside diameter as required
  • Finish diameter up to 300 mm with rubber coating
  • Length of Quick Change Sleeve: up to 3000 mm