Zero Zero Rubber Blanket

Zero Zero Rubber Blanket

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zero zero rubber blanket

Zero Zero Rubber Blanket is used in textile finishing for pre-shrinking the cloth. It is used for Shrinking shirting light weight fabrics Twills, Drills, Woolen Silk, Terry Cotton, Polyester and Denim. Zero Zero Rubber Blanket is processed out of best quality rubber free from foreign particles. Improvement of the lifetime between two grindings. Good shrinking with less strains (Compression, Temperature).

Zero Zero Rubber Blanket has a width varying from 122 cms to 350 cms. The thickness varies from 50 mm to 75 mm. The hardness being 37+/- 3 shore A and has a standard circumference of 3962 mm. It withstands temperature commensuration to the steam pressure of 3 Kg. /Cm2 in the drum.